Dr John C. Lilly on human/dolphin communications.

OMNIYou’re probably best known as “Dr. John Lilly, the dolphin man.” What is the aim of your current dolphin research?  LillyAt Marine World, we’re working with computers to develop a human/dolphin code, analogous to the Morse code used in telegraphy. The project is called JANUS — for Joint Analog Numerical Understanding System. Like the Roman […]

Robert Anton Wilson’s Pulp Illuminations by Erik Davis

Robert Anton Wilson’s Pulp Illuminations A talk at the Esoteric Book Conference, September 2014  By Erik Davis illuminatus Here is a talk I gave at last year’s wonderful Esoteric Book Conference about Illuminatus!, the occult, and the tension between high and low magic in the 1970s. http://techgnosis.com/robert-anton-wilsons-pulp-illuminations/ I highly recommend the EBC: the perfect (for […]

The Dam conspiracy conspiracy conspiracy

The Dam conspiracy conspiracy conspiracy “what the thinker thinks, the prover proves”—recurring theme in the book Prometheus Rising, by Robert Anton Wilson. Everything seems connected. Some things seem more interconnected than others. Networks connect. New information travels fast. Novelty powers the meme-space race. Reality, from the whole tribes perspective, maybe only what trends on twitter […]

The Late Great Robert Anton Wilson Event Part 1 – John Higgs

One day before heading down to London on the bus from Dudley, to see the show at the Horse Hospital i had the following experience: yesterday, in Stourbridge i had an encounter with an Angel, or what Arthur Koestler calls…’the library angel’ category of coincidence, or in my case the charity shop Angel. Let me […]

Illuminatus Trilogy! and Annonymous hacking culture

This article from Wired has produced a more condensed article (that follows)including a fantastic quote about Illuminatus Trilogy! by Shea and Wilson, linking the History of hacker culture directly to the novels, and so further back, deeper into the sub-history of dada, surrealism, satire. I would argue this reaches right back to the 1580’s and […]