Maybe Logic and the tale of the tribe: a no-place place.

The following ‘testimonial’ is edited from a post I made at the Maybe Logic Academy some months ago when I was inspired by ‘’ calling for members to make testimonials to their social network, I wanted to write a testimonial to the open learning network encircling the ‘Maybe Logic’ meme, and dashed something off that […]


THE WEIGHING OF THE TTOTT HEART (TTOTT 12) McJoy Brunosa stepped forward one more step towards the giant scales, his genius suspiciously dormant in his silence, yet his thoughts sparkled like lightening bolts behind his eyelids, externally McJoy Brunosa struggled to make out the unbelievable scenery before him. Brunosa’s heart was projected as a 3D […]

Ezra Pound’s CANTO 66 – Hyperlinked.

Canto LXVI Hyperlinked By Steven James Pratt Throughout the Tale of the Tribe class hosted by the maybelogic Academy and led by Dr. Robert Anton Wilson, the group focused on two major texts: The Cantos of Ezra Pound and “Finnegans Wake” of James Joyce. During the class I would copy/paste images and hyperlinks to highlight […]

V is for Vinyl: Fly’s Maybelogic #4 DJ mix.

PLEASE FOLLOW THE LINK FOR THE AUDIO MIX – SPLIT INTO SEVERAL PARTS. –FLY. “Mixed by the Knu Dj fly agaric 24.Running timespace approx 78 earth minutes.A guide the 14 tracks spread about MQ#4. – on the fly lyvf with two vestax turntables, one Tascam mixer and a stack of phonographic discs plus some […]

N is For Nine Tales Remixed into 1111 woids: BEAR HOME MIX: DJ FLY AGARIC 23 by flyagaric23 Universe Contains a Maybe. Go Get your self off the shelf, climb down the tube and un-stitch your mouth, weave, come on out, shout out, together now. Truck Censorship, Up. reach out, teleport to Geneva, teach out the peach box, call me the Queen of […]


Lps. The keys to. Given! A way a lone a last a loved a long the – James Joyce, Finnegans Wake.”“Cleopatra wrote of currency,Versus who scatter old recordsignoring the HSIEN formand jump to the winning side.–Ezra Pound, Canto LXXXV. Towords an MPHDJ method. Prose turntables and mixer of Correspundance. A Knu Tribal Encyklopedial of changes, […]


Described best by his Hopefullness, Borsky: Friday, October 03, 2008 Maybe print edition Maybe Print has reached the shelves. I just received a package of 100 minted copies. Contributions by Bogus, Bobby, Minja, Fly Agaric, Frater K:. (bless his soul), Zenpunkist, Propaganda, The Purple Gooroo, Quackenbush, yours truly and many others. Want some? Just ask. […]