Multi Model Agnostic Geometry: MMAG by Steve Fly Agaric 23

His philosophy was one of multiple model agnosticism – not just simply about the existence of God but agnosticism about everything. With MMA, there is no point getting hung up on the models themselves because that’s all they are – models.—John Higgs, KLF. pg. 258.   Multi Model Agnostic Geometry. by Steven James Pratt Flyting: […]

Conspiracy Conspiracy Conspiracy: 3 ways of looking-atom

Conspiracy Conspiracy Conspiracy: 3 ways of looking at THEM. Among the many trillions of petabytes of information that Robert Anton Wilson processed in his lifetime, may we dwell for a moment on his internationally recognized role as ‘the dean’ of conspiracy theory. The DEAN! (and self confessed model-agnostic) Next, consider his repeated banging and thumping […]