THE TALE OF THE TRIBE: 1936. By Steven "fly agaric" Pratt

Here’s my latest update and interpretation of ‘the tale of the tribe’ is in the form of a google web-site, that I am still editing and readying for some kind of launch. Here’s a recently edited rough synopsis of what I have done with some of the characters. –steve fly. OUR HISTORYS BACK BY Fly […]


MAGIKAL WEAPONS v.1.0 (as of April 14th 2008, except HEADPHONE replacing DRUM). * DRUMWAND. FIRE. EYE. SOUTH. SIGHT. (Flaming Eye with drumstick/matchstick/microphone). * PHONOGRAPH RECORD. – DISK. EARTH. FINGER. TOUCH. SYMBOL. NORTH. (Hand on record disk. Disk has image of planet earth with bull’s horns coming out of it.) * HEADPHONE CUP(Upturned) – CUP. WATER. […]