Ram Bomjon sitting Za Zen

May 16, 2005 – March 11, 2006 = 360 days.Inside The Sacred Fig Ficus religiosaSitting Za Zen, coming back in 2012 maybe?Goal Accomplished.Za Zentertainment, moved ON! Individual Sacred trees join together Jātaka seeds spread, sacred FIG grow strong,Purple, green, ivory.A Maitreya Bodhisattva, as a fig“The accomplished goal?”Sitting, Za Zen.Moved ON! Palden Dorje [Ram] seems like […]

‘If you push that button, your ass gotta’ go’

…what necessary force to protect and serve by pushing the big button those insecure calling for more security naturally “protect me save me, oh mighty one, say you’ll keep us safe by pushing the button’ we demand the three minutes extra life before we get hit back on the rebound equal with the nihilist terrorist […]


…follow my flip-flopping thoughts on the left leaning individualist and the right leaning globalist stereotype do they meet in the best poems epic, and including history doesn’t the tragic comedy wear sandals? how to unite the individualist anarchist and the globalist points of view the ambiguity and the stew sometimes i want to repeat what […]