Ezra Pound and the tale of the tribe in 2013.

Ezra Pound and the tale of the tribe in 2013. Today, Easter Sunday 31st March 2013, I am here at home in Amsterdam, switching between facebook, blogger, youtube and Wikipedia, and my copy of Pound’s Cantos. And I cannot resist pulling out some examples of Pounds relevance, coloured by the texts analysis by Pound/Joyce scholar […]

TTOTT 2013: Go git’ yr’ pens and pads

TTOTT 2013 by Steven ‘fly’ Pratt. Some of my readers, and a small portion of friends may be familiar with Robert Anton Wilson and his tale of the tribe, but, alas i imagine that most are not. If you stumbled upon this writing, and are out of facebook well done, I dearly wish you might […]


Connections to other disciplines General semantics has important links with analytic philosophy and the philosophy of science; it could be characterized without too much distortion as applied analytic philosophy. The influence of Ludwig Wittgenstein and the Vienna Circle, and of early operationalists and pragmatists such as Charles Sanders Peirce, is particularly clear in the foundational […]

Twenty RAW quotes for 2011

ALL QUOTES FROM DR. ROBERT  ANTON WILSON. DO NOT ADJUST YOUR MINDIT IS REALITY THAT IS MALFUNCTIONING—TSOG Bad critics judge a work of art by comparing it to preexisting theories. They always go wrong when confronted with a masterpiece, because masterpieces make their own rules.—Illuminati Papers, pg. 12. Ez, McLuhan and associates reprinted Fenollosa’s “The […]


ROBERT ANTON WILSON:UNIVERSE CONTAIN’S A MAYBE December 16, 2000, Palm Springs, CA.Speaking at the Prophets Conference ~ Palm Springs (number 8) held at the Marquis Resort Conference Center. Recorded by Steven Pratt using a portable minidisc recorder. Special thanks to Robert Anton Wilson for encouraging me to record and inviting me to his room afterwards […]