Joyce’s ‘pancosmos’ may still yet send shock waves throughout the physics Cluster community consciousness…may yet, may yet. (and the global internet by default) if we would give equal credit to the inner-space of mind-like spaces, & the outer-space and external phenomena: still mind-like in fact, I guess… see our faulty wonky perception, the Shadows often […]


Share This Course. Hi folks, I’m currently collaborating with a small but growing group of web critters led by Mark Pesce. We are a unique decentralized community which will lead–good willing–to the manifestation of a book, scheduled for completion in 2010, based around the emerging hyperintelligence and ‘hyperpeople’ as defined by Mark Pesce and approximated […]

Three quarks for Muster Mark!: Sharing Mayelogic and other thoughts on internet.

“we’ve arrived in Marshal McLuhan’s global village right on schedule. –Hyperpeople. “Share the wealth and spoil the weal. Peg the pound to tom the devil. My time is on draught. –James Joyce, Finnegans Wake, Pg. 579. The following is a dry-toast post, or warm-up for something a little dishy, I’m preparing for the – […]

SHARE THIS TRACK. (SOUNDCLOUD GROUP) SHARE THIS TRACK Open Source Medicine – Amsterdam Blues Scholars by flyagaric23 Shannanigums Wave Book III Chapter 11 Page 67. by flyagaric23 Steven James Pratt