They Came To Starburg by Steve Fly Agaric 23 (Audio Book stream)

“They Came To Starburg” is my first and only published short story, and also the first time i read my work aloud. Originally crafted for Halloween 2013, recorded in 2014 and released by Iron Man Records in 2015. If you enjoy this free stream of the story, please consider contributing to my effort by buying […]

Kevin ‘Memory’ Lane

Kevin “memory” Lane. “Hero’s get remembered, legends never die”–Evil Kenevil Ouch, sometimes people are snatched away truly before their time, and Kev was snatched away from us, all who knew him, and from those who did not have the pleasure of meeting him, or reading him, too soon. Way too fucking soon! Thankfully, he passed […]

‘The Eternal Festival Of Memory’ for Mick Wood and Cookie

Fly: Selected Poetry 1997-2017 by Steven Pratt Link:¬† The Eternal Festival Of Memory The sun smiles over the Mary Evens park bursting through the luminous emerald tree tops catching soap bubbles with purple green tin-flashes no sunglasses or cell phones in sight all eyes are awake naked larger than the grey moon peeking on parkwind […]

THE MULTI STORY BARD BARK (a short multi story)

A NOTE TO MY FRIENDS AND READERS…. I promised my friends and myself that I would write a multi-story about the multi-story car park in Stourbridge that is scheduled to be demolished today (April 1st, 2012). So here is a first draft, its pretty RAW will undergo editing at a later date. Enoy, and please […]


DECADE 2001-2011   Table of Contents DECADE 2001-2011 INTRODUCTION 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 FLY’S WEB CATCH INTRODUCTION Hi I finally got around to posting this, it’s been hanging around for a while. I hope you’ll forgive my errors, any feedback will be well received. So friends…which events seem […]

Ezra Pound’s CANTO 66 – Hyperlinked.

Canto LXVI Hyperlinked By Steven James Pratt Throughout the Tale of the Tribe class hosted by the maybelogic Academy and led by Dr. Robert Anton Wilson, the group focused on two major texts: The Cantos of Ezra Pound and “Finnegans Wake” of James Joyce. During the class I would copy/paste images and hyperlinks to highlight […]