SPS is for Saul Paul Sirag (Interview with fly agaric23)

When I recorded this interiew in 2000 A.D. on minidisc recorder I had no way to transcribe and upload the results, and there was no wikipedia to enhance the wisdom of Saul. Big thanks to Jack Sarfatti, please spend a moment at his new website:http://www.stardrive.org/ FLY interviews Saul Paul Sirag: FLY: Robert Anton Wilson? SAUL: […]

S is for Superstring: 359 Superstrung Woids

Superstrung Queezy Theory or what happens when YU Eat MeLike a clammy mold YU unfold local order parameter minyfoldDancing atop Oak table unstable then stable wearing BlindfoldTopological defect in the Soul of my Flip-flop sent me spinningLine dancing Vortex Seas kicking up ocean spray closed loopyCircuit Arms Out and Spuntaneous Asymmetrick body PoppingSpontaneous symmetrybreak dancing […]