Mark Pesce on Finnegans Wiki, and whatever happened to the book.

Please visit Mark’s website here:  There are two other paths open for literature, nearlydiametrically opposed. The first was taken by JRR Tolkien inThe Lord of the Rings. Although hugely popular, the threebook series has never been described as a ‘page-turner’, beingtoo digressive and leisurely, yet, for all that, entirelycaptivating. Tolkien imagined a new universe – or rather,retrieved one from the […]

Cosmic Trigger Replay: Maybe Logic Class. Sept 23 to Nov 23

Come join a crash course cosmic adventure through the lives and ideas of Robert Anton Wilson! The Maybe Logic Academy is once again opening its invisible doors for an intensive 8 week RAW workshop, which leads directly into the premier of the highly anticipated stage adaptation of RAW’s Cosmic Trigger by Daisy Eris Campbell! The […]

Frances Yates and the Mnemonic Works of Giordano Bruno

Frances Yates and the Mnemonic Works of Giordano Bruno After Warburg’s death in October 1929 and the migration of the Institute to London in 1933, Brunian studies at the Warburg Institute took a very different direction thanks to the research of Frances Yates (1899-1981). While Warburg’s interest in Bruno and image-based thinking brought his philosophy […]

Liffissippi River to Joyce’s Poundland

…and when the mode of themusic changes                           the walls of the                                    city shake      a perspective from relative place                  humbled individual to their partin universe and other single individuated mind                                      in timegathering tales and knick knacks               of history into a trick bag do you feel melody and riddim’ in verse       word sound image sandwichesattention to […]

the Tale of the tribe as a blueprint for Artificial General Intellgence

listening to some of the ideas and descriptions of Artificial General Intellgence, I thought that the holistic approach of combining many differemt disciplines, reflects RAW’s comprehensive group of intelligence engineers in The tale of the tribe. RAW asked what these characters and internet have in common? I am formulating a new set of answers based […]