Silly Psycbergriminister of Sewers

Running like Mountain river time,Pist your town. Psybergriminister of sewers:A waste of time. Silly, sublimeTrickle slowly through sewers Time pollutionRunning out of clean Pacific time. Specific Wine,Universal time, solar space-time Galactic non-standard timeSlugged back down the hatchDown in a dirty underground sewer Silly psyberpunk motherfuckersLoaded with poems for world war three.Cybercriminal GeniusesOverlords in the muck […]

Freestyle Raps Sun 6th May 2007. Eat me.

Welcome to my blog, a break in between the supermarket shopping news,My views, my writs, raps and thunderclaps, unedited excursionsThrough valleys and down various avenuesLike that I believe its healthy to have a hierarchy of valuesA spectrum like a rainbow, a selection, an arrayI think about values each moment each second, each dayWhat’s important and […]

T is for Timewave 2012: WavetimE

Paul Krassner very kindly agreed to republishing, in cyberspace, his interview with Terence Mckenna in the lastest edition of Maybelogic Quarterly. Please follow the link for the entire interview combined with audio provided by DJ fly agaric 23. “The rise of the web has been a great boost to my fantasies along these lines, […]