CS is for Cyber-$wine Flu

UK CYBERSWINE FLU EPIDEMIC DELL and the Police are going into business. Lord Carter, CAW CAW CAW Digital Government Business! As Ezra Pound wrote “Who distributes it, how” Information! D.I.G.I.T.A.L – ambiguous like Claude Shannon and NTL. Digital ways to extend the reach and accuracy of killingry, weaponry, and disinformation Warfare. Digital Warfare. Urban. All […]

Stourbridge 2.0 (A letter to the Stourbridge News)

I was very sad reading my local rag last week. So sad that i started to write a letter to the paper and the people of Stourbridge, a letter to reach out and communicate. Peace comes of Communication said Ezra Pound. And here comes everybodyPeace AcrilliQ We will see if it gets published at all, […]