They Came To Starburg by Steve Fly Agaric 23 (Audio Book stream)

“They Came To Starburg” is my first and only published short story, and also the first time i read my work aloud. Originally crafted for Halloween 2013, recorded in 2014 and released by Iron Man Records in 2015. If you enjoy this free stream of the story, please consider contributing to my effort by buying […]

New Shenanigums

  Spore Of The Words by Steven Pratt Link:   …formented homey slow mead down the pagemelt quilted quiver of quill shawl of wynwyrld bushfires blairing lies burgundy rivers rushing aside the grassy noel partly paisely swirl gull on wing swooping ease grey socks in the ironing boardroom Mr Broomfield guttering up the pithjackets and […]

the wake of the headless one pt. I and II

Fly: Selected Poetry by Steven Pratt Link: the wake of the headless one pt. 1 …posting past to post first to last longest header to footer to goal posts get in modernisn’t pist on post apocalapse timespace spice-trading post pipped at the post by the male ape adam nohbiginning noh ending nohawk at the well […]

Lo saturnalia

Lo saturnaliadrink new flesh  news flash equiknocking em back with kwantum mechanix Fliegenschwamm through Mukhomor flowing on about many moments drunken bard pist somber past summert’ felt like tao-mouche Amen EAT! born from nothing woids into la picene  dark mother Earth: early autumn Δtummy full mummiflied earth nourishing dark belly of night Δrise receptive southwestern […]

HCE and Jarl van Hoother on the Piss with the Porter.

While looking for a virtual textual gift for a friend of mine, who really loves Shakespeare, i came across this illuminating and superb essay:HCE and Jarl van Hoother on the Piss with the Porter. If you have the stamina and the time, and read a little of James Joyce’s book ‘Finnegans Wake’ i suspect you […]

Politicians, Peptides, and Stupidity (and the tale of the tribe)

Politicians, Peptides, and Stupidity: An Evening with Robert Anton Wilson “Dr. Robert Anton Wilson was the author (along with Robert Shea) of the popular Illuminatus! trilogy, which won the Prometheus Hall of Fame award for science fiction in 1986. His other books have found great acclaim as well, many of them achieving “cult classic” status. […]

SP is for Steven Pratt: Fly Agaric 23 Knotwerks

BOOKS:   MUSIC: BLOGS: A handful of posts and early freestyle writings from my time in America formulated my book: World Piss’ The Spore of the Woids. Last year in (2009) this project morphed into SHANNANIGUMS WAVE. Now available at Lulu, and partly at wordspore.blogspot. While living in New Orleans I started the […]