WP for World Piss: The Spore of the Words 08 (now Shannanigums Wave)

Merryvirgin forbed! But of they never eat soullfriede they’re ating it now. With easter greeding. Angus! Angus! Angus! The keykeeper of the keys of the seven doors of the dreamadoory in the house of the household of Hecech saysaith. Whitmore, whatmore? Give it over, give it up! –James Joyce, Finnegans Wake Page 377 Spore Of […]

30 Seals: The spore of the words. Cuts.

Ice Birch* deep blue coral fungus ocean of azure Tahoe. Fade blue in my memory but i am trying to stain deeper Granted green tin flash of emerald, amber, merald gambosa fade, To Sun* burnt toast, lavender fade, sparkle swirl, short circuit Electric blues, now white moire swirly glass, misted frost neopolitan Isje cream, royal […]